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If you own a GPS then at some point you would have experienced that your maps on the device are not being completely up to date.

Due to the fact that as roads can change, new highways can be built, the priority can be altered on junctions, businesses and emergency services can move addresses.

Your desire map updates and need to freshen up the maps on your device then our GPS expert will tell you how to download new maps and how to update system software.

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Why you should reach out to our support team for help?

With the technological advancement, the GPS device has become quite a need. The GPS device makes our travels, journeys, daily commutes and our adventures smooth and abbreviated.

The GPS is quite sophisticated and smart device, but sometimes even these smart devices can get some issues. This happens quite rarely, but at that time you will need support from our technical team.

When you face these issues then it becomes vital to connect to our support . Our team of highly proficient and qualified individuals hear-out your device-related issues carefully and then they ascertain the level of assistance you might need.

Common Issues

Not Getting Progress Bar

If you are not seeing any progress bar on your computer screen after connecting Sat Nav with PC then it is likely that there’s no map installed or that the installed map cannot be read by the PC. chqt with support for map installation instructions.

Stuck While Updating

If you are got sutck during an update process, try to reconnect the Sat Nav with the PC. Check the internet connection on the computer. Keep your device connected and start the update process again.

Device Not Recognized

If the computer is not recognizing your device, and the computer is not showing any of the instruction as mentioned above. Then you may need to install updated software/drivers. For excellent, quick free help and troubleshooting , you can connect to our support the phone or via chat.

Main problems for which you will need help.

Satellite navigation is a highly rugged and competent device but as with any electronic device sometimes it can go wrong. When you are solving device issues yourself, it can be time-consuming and mentally taxing. For those problems, conact us.

  • The device screen going blank
  • The device not able to turn on
  • Unable to update maps on GPS device
  • Device regularly showing speed camera warning sign
  • GPS unable to connect with satellites
  • The device is not resetting
  • How you can restart the device
  • Software not updating on the device

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